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Apartment for sale in Metn, Khenchara & Jouar
Bedrooms   3 Bathrooms   5 Parkings   2
Apartment for rent in Beirut, Hamra
Bedrooms   2 Bathrooms   2 Parkings   0
Apartment for sale in Beirut, Tariq El Jdide
Bedrooms   4 Bathrooms   3 Parkings   2
Apartment for sale in Beirut, Tariq El Jdide
Bedrooms   5 Bathrooms   5 Parkings   2
Apartment for rent in Beirut, Ras Beirut
Bedrooms   4 Bathrooms   4 Parkings   2
Apartment for sale in Beirut, Ramlet El Baida
Bedrooms   3 Bathrooms   5 Parkings   2

Premium Seven is a real estate consultant in Lebanon & Beirut. We pride ourselves in offering turn-key professional real estate advisory and brokerage solutions backed up with state of the art online brokerage application, rich database of properties and potential buyers/renters, qualified real estate agents with in depth market knowledge, and a Pro-Active customer relation base...

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Apartment for sale in Nakhleh
Apartment for sale in Amioun
Apartment for sale in Amioun
Apartment for sale in Amioun
Apartment for sale in Amioun
Apartment for rent in Amioun
Apartment for rent in Hamra
Apartment for rent in Ras Beirut
Apartment for rent in Ras Beirut

Knowing Beirut as the capital of Lebanon, it is expected to be a busy city with traffic everywhere. Life in Beirut is a life with the most unique way. Real estate trades in Beirut has flourished and until now is helping the economy's stability. There are a lot flat for rent of real estate companies that buy, sell, and coordinate with other clienteles to show the booming real estate business in Lebanon today.

Luxury beirut real estate Rising from Lebanon Real Estate the war, its end coincides the global celebratory in the international market. It is important to remember that the life continues even during the war years, although violence occasionally over shadowed the actuality at flat for sale different scenarios, rent making and producing a happier and improved life. In Beirut, and the whole sort term rentals Lebanon, living is connecting you to others, reaching out to build a city of folks. Its intercultural orientation luxury house for sale apartments and commercial history as Mediterranean port city have been then reason of making Lebanon exceptional particularly in the aftermath of its independence. Apartments in Lebanon are with numerous, but house for rent it is better to have own something for you and start practicing fixed rate of living, no more hardships luxury houses in computing monthly dues, and other unexpected payables. If possible and you can afford, owning a home is the best feeling a man could ever have. That is the truth that nobody would deny: flats the goal of having a home, owned buy and taken care of, thus, properties don't depreciate in value. Living in Beirut is addictive, in a rent way that the place, the views and the people are easily to love.

Furthermore, rental fees in Beirut comes in sell yearly dues or half month dues, landlords in Lebanon do not agree on monthly basis of payment, so, if your time permits, find a property in Beirut that can meet your preferences. You can meet lebanese brokerage agents to help you on that; they are specialized in finding real rent estate property for people who wants to buy one. Beirut is the largest city in Lebanon where corporate activities flourish. Buildings, luxury hotels, furnished apartments, resorts, and many other infrastructures are seen there. real estate rentals People would love to visit the place, the busiest part of the country. Beirut is the center of the long term rentals country's way of life, adapting culture renowned for its press, theatre, and other cultural activities including night life. Beirut has undergone reconstruction which is already obvious today, but still, the ruins of the past war were kept and sustained. Nightclubs have become one of the tourist spot. real estate beirut for sale People in Lebanon studio for rent are arts enthusiast. They are also health and fashion conscious.real estate beirut lebanon for sale Living in Beirut is like a fantasy after the storm. Its wide range of economic improvement had caused so much attraction to many tourists all over the globe. Life in Lebanon is simple yet inspiring.real estate beirut rent If you want change, and is craving for a life and way of living that means more than just a life, then studio for sale just go to Beirut, Lebanon, buy a property, live your life, feel the success, visit everything that caught your interest, and make it your home.

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8 Apartments in Ain El Mreisseh
2 Apartments in Ain El Tineh
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9 Apartments in Barbour
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10 Apartments in Msaytbeh
10 Apartments in Nouaire
9 Apartments in Ramlet El Baida
16 Apartments in Ras Beirut
37 Apartments in Ras El Nabeaa
4 Apartments in Rawsheh
5 Apartments in Sakyet El Janzir
6 Apartments in Salim Salam
1 Apartments in Sioufi
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5 Apartments in Tariq El Jdide
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2 Apartments in Bechara El Khoury
8 Apartments in Malla
1 Apartments in Tariq Al Matar
1 Apartments in Beirut Central District
2 Apartments in Batrakeyeh
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